Friday, May 15, 2009


Initially, I didn't really know exactly what I wanted this blog to be about. But, I knew it had to be something great. Not just because of the title, but also because of what vibr8higher represents--raising vibration. Raising my vibration...raising your vibration...raising the vibration of all humanity....thus raising the vibration of the entire planet and the Universe.

My intention for this blog is to spread Love--in all forms, to all forms.

Love is the highest possible frequency that we can achieve as Beings. [and, no, not just as human-beings...]

When I use the term "Love", I don't mean, "Oh, I looove my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/cat/dog/haircut...".

It's way beyond that.

When I say "Love", I am referring to our truest nature. The substance from which we were all created. The LOVE I am referring to embodies Joy, Peace, Light, Happiness, Bliss, Graciousness...Oneness. This kind of Love is beyond just a feeling. It is a BE-ing.

...and guess what?!

We ALL have the potential and ability to become this form of Love.[!]

While I am on this here planet, it is my intention and my goal to completely embody Love. I am choosing to return to my origin and become Love itself and overflow with it...radiating it...sharing It with every One and every Thing I encounter.

This is what vibr8higher is all about. Becoming your greatest potential. Returning to your origin. Re-membering who and what you really are.

So, please, I ask you kindly and lovingly to join me in my pursuits. Walk with me, side by side, with your heart wide open. Brothers and Sisters, please help me raise the frequency of our Mother, Earth. I can't do it all by myself....and there is no one else that can do it for us. So, let's work together and make this thing happen!

Who's with me?[!]